It’s Legislatin’ Time!

24 Jan

Our friends over at the Minnesota legislature kick off the 2012 legislative session at noon on Tuesday, and there’s been some rumblings about a few proposed bills that effect government access. Because we here at the Void are intrigued by the concept that sunshine is the best disinfectant, I’ve summarized a few tidbits below, for y’all’s enjoyment:

MPR ran a blurb today about how the Department of Administration is apparently set to propose some legislation to clarify how cities and government agencies classify information about elected officials. Some commentators are on records as saying the proposal don’t go far enough. Apparently, the department is still working on language for the legislation and hopes to introduce a bill this session.

Meanwhile, in less transparency-friendly developments, the Strib ran a piece today about how, apparently, “Minnesota law-enforcement officials plan to ask the Legislature this year for the right to collect intelligence information on suspected terrorists and other suspected criminals without having to disclose who they are monitoring or why.”


According to the story, the cops are saying that withholding this kind of information from public view is “essential to ensuring public safety,” and that agencies outside Minnesota are reluctant to share intelligence data with police here because it could become public under current state law.

Once again, no specific bills  have yet been filed.

We here in the Void will do our best to monitor this legislation and post bills as they become available so you folks can call your legislators and let them know exactly how you feel, in a constructive way.


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