Push for Transparency in Senate

3 Feb

Senate Dems are pushing for more transparency regarding former Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch’s mysterious departure from her leadership position last year. If you’re reading this blog, you probably already know that Koch’s departure was closely followed by that of Senate Republican aide Michael Brodkorb. Well, Brodkorb has hired some lawyers, and they’re doing some pretty serious saber-rattling regarding Brodkorb’s dismissal. And as the Strib reported earlier today, DFLers, including Sen. Dick Cohen, of St. Paul, think the Senate’s hiring of a private attorney to answer Brodkorb’s allegedly forthcoming legal claims, should justify additional details about the whole ordeal being made public.

Cohen was quoted by MPR as saying the following: “If the Senate majority caucus retains counsel, I have nothing to say about that. And there’s no need to disclose anything to me if the Senate majority caucus is doing something of that sort … But where the Senate is doing it as the entire body, then I have as much right as anybody else on this floor to a disclosure of what’s going on.”

The Strib also reported that new Senate Majority Leader David Senjem promised that Senate leaders would be more “transparent,”  and called the DFLs attempts to bring more details to light “fair.” The MPR story reported that Senjem said a meeting was being planned next week with DFL leaders to discuss the matter.

Another Strib post has copies of letters that went back and forth between Senate Minority Leader Tom Bakk and Senjem  regarding the process of hiring a lawyer.

So this whole Koch and/or Brodkorb hullabaloo has been able to grab major headlines, unseat powerful leaders, and cause the Minnesota Senate to lawyer up, yet somehow there’s no official word (or unofficial word, really) on what the heck actually happened. Well, between the courts, the taxpayer money being spent, and the upcoming elections, methinks more details might be forthcoming…


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