Speedy links for Monday:

24 Apr

Here’s a few tidbits in the news that are at lest tangentially related to free speech issues:

Some interesting reporting in the Duluth News Tribune about city and county pension plans, information about which was presumably obtained through the Minnesota Data Practices Act. It’s nice to see this kind of information being uncovered (not by the paper, but by the Illinois-based Taxpayers United of America), but proponents of the public pension plan seem to think that the TUoA didn’t provide a particularly comprehensive report. Of course, we here at the Void don’t care about things like entitlement reform or taxes (blech), we just thought the transparency brought to bear on the Public Employees Retirement Association of Minnesota is worth commenting on…

The Strib, the PiPress and MPR all reported on the decision by a federal administrative law judge that a local Jimmy John’s franchisee violated the labor rights of six former employees when it fired them for hanging up posters  near Jimmy John’s  restaurants protesting the restaurants’ sick leave policy. I couldn’t find a written version of Judge Arthur Amchan, but according to the Strib, Amchan “ruled that the posters were protected speech under the National Labor Relations Act.” Again, no position on the labor issues, but the term “protected speech” (which as far as I know is solely Mike Hughlett‘s term, not necessarily Judge Amchan’s) is interesting to see in the context of the non-government employer-employee relationship.

***Update on 4-26-12*** The excellent Minnesota Employer blog, written by attorneys from the Minneapolis law firm Briggs and Morgan, has some additional – not necessarily objective – commentary on the case, and kindly included a link to the decision. Go educate yourself.

Rave on….


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