Britain’s High Court Blocks Extradition of Alleged Minnesota Sex Offender

29 Jun

The British High Court decided that Minnesota’s  Sex Offender Treatment Program threatened Shawn Sullivan’s Human rights stating:

there is a real risk that if extradited the appellant might be subject to an order for civil commitment within Minnesota and that that amounts to a risk that he would suffer a flagrant denial of his rights enshrined in Art. 5.1 (of the European Convention on Human Rights).

Basically, the Court (Do you capitalize British High Courts? I hope so!) stated that civil commitment to prevent possible future criminal conduct is wicked messed up.  As a side note, the opinion writing judge is named Lord Justice Moses, which is now my favorite curse/interjection. Maybe if Tim Pawlenty hadn’t taken away the sex offender’s TVs, the Minnesota taxpayer could pay to indefinitely lock up this guy… Lord Justice Moses, that would be sweet.


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