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Proposed Legislation Would Make More Government Employee Buyouts Public

24 Apr

Twin Cities station KSTP reported yesterday night on a proposed bill, H.F. 2647, in the Minnesota legislature that would make public, with certain limitations, “the complete terms of any agreement settling any dispute arising out of an employment relationship, including a buyout agreement … except that the agreement must include all of the specific reasons for the agreement if it involves the payment of more than $10,000 of public money.” (The underlined text indicates additions to the existing language of Minn Stat. 13.43.) The bill also expands the list of public employees to which such disclosure would apply.

The bill was passed unanimously in the Minnesota House on April 16, but on April 20th the bill was “laid on the table” in the Senate after a motion by Sen. Dan Hall (R-Burnsville). I’m not totally sure what “laid on the table” means, but nothing has happened to the bill since the aforementioned laying out.

We’ll keep you posted.